Roll of Graduates

I am in the midst of compiling a list of all individuals who have earned a law degree from the University of Notre Dame. The process involves reviewing commencement programs and entering data manually, and thus far I have completed the period from 1871-1939. I am providing the information while I continue to work on subsequent years.

From 1871-1939 the university awarded degrees to over 1,000 individuals from 42 states, the District of Columbia, and several international locations. The overwhelming number of degrees were Bachelor of Laws (LL.B.), with a handful of Master of Laws (LL.M.) degrees and an even smaller number of Juris Doctor (J.D.) degrees [Terminology has changed over time; the J.D. degrees that were awarded in the 1920s required advance legal study and are roughly akin to a J.S.D. today].

Source information is listed on the final page. If you notice any errors, typographical or otherwise, please let me know.